Each year Dr. Pepper hosts a highly publicized and popular sweepstakes that awards $100,000 in tuition money to aspiring high school students wanting to attend college. The contest is promoted on their products, print and television. As creative director, I was responsible for designing the look and feel of the web site as well as guiding and collaborating with the user experience and strategy teams to ensure the site was a critical success. 

We simplified the program. Barriers in the sign-up flow were reduced by implementing Facebook connect and by creating a program that encourages revisitation, voting and participation through social media. The responsive platform was designed with simplicity and game-like interactions considering that the young demographic would visit the site on a variety of devices, times of day and come from sources like physical packaging to posts on social media.

The contest mechanics worked by asking participants to write a short, compelling narrative on how they would use a college education to better the world and enrich lives. Once the story was entered, participants were able to rally their friends via likes on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to gain rank above other contestants. Top ranking entrants earned the chance to record a video story and the winners participated in a free throw event to win the 100K tuition prize at key college games sponsored by Dr. Pepper.  

The site was a massive, massive success. It received a 564 percent increase in visits and audience votes jumped by a staggering 9,901 percent, as compared to the program's performance in 2012.

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